The POLICYPOINT platform is about delivering your content.  We do however work with partner organisations that provide excellent, legally compliant material to meet your policy needs.

Australian Business Solutions Group – HR Advance

Australian Business Solutions GroupPOLICYPOINT has partnered with Australian Business Solutions Group to provide a comprehensive set of policies and templates, as well as access to frameworks, methodologies and workplace consultancy services; the result is a flexible and cost effective solution to your Compliance and Risk Management needs.

Details of the types of policies available can be seen on the HR Advance website.

K&L Gates

K&L GatesK&L Gates has joined forces with POLICYPOINT to deliver a comprehensive online Australian Trade Practice Compliance Program designed to provide officers and employees with all the necessary knowledge to understand their obligations under trade practices legislation. Together, we have devised content in an easy to understand online format with follow-up testing to enable your organisation to monitor and assess the level of knowledge of your staff.


MyLawGuideMyLawGuide has been working with one of New Zealand’s largest tertiary education organisations to develop a legislative compliance programme that explains in plain English the legal duties and responsibilities of all employees including; Council members, directors, CEOs, sales people, administrators, line managers, and many more.