Automating policy distribution to individuals

Organisations have policies, procedures and other information that they expect their employees, contractors and associated parties to know and abide by, however few organisations have evidence of exactly who knows and understands them. Or more importantly, who doesn’t.

Traditional attempts at solving this problem have been administratively complex, time-consuming and prone to error.

POLICYPOINT is a web application that solves the operational complexity and time problems by automating the distribution of information and collection of evidence that employees, staff and external parties are aware of and understand your policies and procedures.  This can be used for induction, project needs and to automate a cyclic (e.g. yearly) refresh of an individual’s knowledge.

Individuals see a list of policies relevant specifically to their role. The system alerts the individual of required evidence gathering actions.  You see the result of the action or inaction via reports, email and integration with other systems.

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